Cultural heritage

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The Aubusson tapestries

Six larges tapestries from Aubusson were offered to the city of Vaucouleurs by Nany Laury, in honour of her grandfather Salmon Seiligmann, benefactor of the city thanks to Mr Vincent, mayor of the town from 1975 to 1989. The drawings of the tapestries have been made by Nany Laury and the works were manufactured in Aubusson. They depict six important stages in Joan's epic story and were inaugurated on the 12th of June 1990.



The departure of Joan of Arc from Vaucouleurs

Born on the 22nd September 1855 in Lutterbach and dead in 1916 in Paris, Jean-Jacques Scherrer is an Alsacian painter (French painter), decorated to the Legion d'Honneur. His painting "Le départ de Jeanne d'Arc de Vaucouleurs" (Departure of Joan of Arc from Vaucouleurs) realized in 1886 is enormous, with dimensions of 3.20 m x 4.20 m. The scene described by the painter represents the departure of Joan, such as he sould have taken place in the evening of the 23rd February 1429, in the courtyard of the castle of Vaucouleurs. We can see Joan with the various presents of the inhabitants. The Lord Robert de Baudricourt, hands over her the sword and a safe-conduct intended for the Dauphin, while telling her ""Go, and let come what may!" Behind Baudricourt, the family Le Royer, to whom Joan stayed. On the other, the second wife of Baudricourt and his children were also present. Behind Joan, Collet de Vienne is standing with the blue pennon in three fleur-de-lis (lily flowers), as well as Richard, Scottish mercenary in the service of the Dauphin. Only Jean de Metz and Bertand de Poulengy are absent. This painting, initially exposed in the museum of Luxembourg, joined the city thanks to Raymond Poincaré.


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